Your Guide to Gum Grafting Recovery

Your Guide to Gum Grafting Recovery

So you’ve decided to improve the appearance, health and function of your smile and oral health with gum grafting in Ajax, ON? Congratulations! Today, we’re going to cover various tips that can aid in your gum grafting recovery, we hope you learn something new.

  • Take your antibiotics. Following your Ajax gum grafting procedure, you’ll be supplied with antibiotics as a preventative measure for infection. Be sure to follow the instructions and finish your antibiotics following surgery.
  • Use ice. Following your gum grafting in Ajax, swelling will be expected. We recommend using ice packs or cold compresses to relieve swelling and discomfort. You can alternate 20 minutes on/off throughout the day.
  • Manage pain with medication. Along with ice packs/cold compresses, over-the-counter pain medication can be effective for managing discomfort and pain. If you are concerned OTC medication is not helping enough, please contact our Ajax dentist.
  • Avoid cold/hot foods & beverages. Following your gum grafting procedure, cold or hot items may cause additional discomfort and pain. We recommend consuming neutral temperature items.
  • A liquid diet is recommended. Immediately following your gum grafting, we recommend a liquid diet consisting of smoothies, soups or even stews. This will help with healing while also minimizing discomfort.
  • Stick to your dental care routine. Following your procedure it is important to still care for your oral health, we do not recommend flossing however you should gently be brushing each of your teeth and avoiding the surgical site.
  • Keep exercise light. We also recommend no strenuous exercise for at least two weeks following surgery, this will aid in recovery and reduce risk of bleeding.
  • Make sure you rest! Like any other part of the body, healing your mouth takes rest. You shouldn’t expect to return to work immediately or be making plans. It is important to properly heal.

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