When a Dental Inlay Is Your Best Option

When a Dental Inlay Is Your Best Option

When it comes to the dental inlays, the patients are often confused and skeptical about what it is and why they need it. Let us understand more about inlays, who needs them, the procedure, and their benefits.

What is a Dental Inlay?

The dental inlay is a filling for a cavity on the molar. Molars have large bumps called cusps around the outer edges of each tooth. An inlay fits entirely within the cusp. The dentist in L1T 0K3 further explains that it’s made of gold, composite resin or porcelain and the contents of any inlay are superior to the regular filling which are made from composite or amalgam. They are usually a more durable option but the process is longer. According to dentist in Ajax, inlays are smaller than onlays which are also known as partial crowns.

Why Do You Need an Inlay?

You may wonder if you need an inlay or a regular filling which is less expensive. Inlay is needed for people who have teeth extensively damaged by decay. If the cavity is large enough, it will weaken the remaining structure and inlay may be needed. The inlays are used when the tooth after removal of decay is not substantial enough to support mounting a crown.

What is the Procedure Like?

Once the restorative dentist detects decay in your tooth, an appointment will be scheduled for cleaning the tooth. The decay is the result of bacteria growing in the portion of your molar. You will be numbed with local anesthetic and the dentist will drill out the cavity and clean the decay. Once the dentist takes an impression of the tooth, it sent to laboratory for filling to be made. If you choose composite resin for filling, the dentist will pick a shade of white that best suits your natural teeth. A temporary filling may be placed till the time your inlay gets prepared. In the final step, the temporary filling will be removed and inlay will be fit into your tooth.

Benefits of Inlay

  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Less invasive
  • Significant

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