What to do for a Broken Tooth

What to do for a Broken Tooth

What if your child breaks a tooth? Are you prepared enough to tackle the situation? Most of the parents are mentally prepared to handle a bruise but not a broken tooth. According to dentists, parents should take few steps to help children in recovering from a broken tooth.

In Case of a Fractured Tooth

Parents should try to find the remaining scrapes of the broken tooth whatever they can find and keep them in a clean bowl or container with milk, or cool water. Make your child rinse his mouth with warm water if they feel excruciating pain. It’s important you take your child to the nearest dentist immediately to prevent any chances of infections or complications caused by chipped teeth. If you happen to store the original fragment of tooth, the dentist will be able to repair it with the help of a filling.

In case of a Knocked out Baby Tooth

The baby teeth are temporary and bound to fall after few years but if they fall too early, it can lead to overcrowding the space made by vacant tooth. When permanent teeth emerge this may cause some alignment issues. It can also lead to crooked teeth and biting issues. If your child loses a baby tooth, you should immediately visit your dentist as he might offer a spacer so that the overcrowding of teeth may be prevented from occurring. It is important to store the lost tooth in clean water or milk and bring it to the dentist.

In Case of a Lost Permanent Tooth

Permanent teeth are supposed to be permanent. If your child loses it, you must rush to the dentist near you. In case there is bleeding, make your child rinse their mouth with cold water followed by using gauze to stop the bleeding. Preserve the tooth in a bowl of cool water or milk so that the dentist can reinstall it.

While parents can’t stop accidental teeth breakage, they should certainly make their children develop a proper oral hygiene routine to prevent their teeth from falling.

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