Tooth Capping – What Is A Dental or Tooth Cap?

Tooth Capping – What Is A Dental or Tooth Cap?

If you’re confused about the difference between tooth capping and dental crowns, we can clear that up for you now. Truth be told, there’s no difference, and the terms are used interchangeably. Caps and crowns serve the same purpose: they cover a tooth or teeth and repair decayed, damaged, or less than attractive teeth. Dental crowns or caps can be made up of a variety of materials, including stainless steel, porcelain, gold, or white resin. The resin is the common white dental filling you’re probably familiar with.

Benefits of Capping Teeth or Veneers

Caps and dental veneers are both restoration dentistry solutions Dental veneers are thin slices of material that cover only the front of teeth. They need at least some intact, solid dental surfaces to affix to. Veneers tend to be cosmetic solutions to unsightly teeth and require the tooth to be shaved down or smoothed to make it easier for the veneer to adhere to the tooth surface.

Caps completely cover the tooth and seal it. They reinforce what remains of the tooth structure and returns the tooth to its normal toughness. Caps are a permanent solution and require much less alteration to the original tooth. People receive a temporary crown to wear for a few days, then return to the dentist for final shaping of the permanent crown.

Dental Caps and Crown Materials

  • Ceramic crowns, caps, and dental veneers are composed of varying kinds of porcelain.
  • All ceramic dental crowns, dental overlays & dental veneers are made from different porcelains.
  • Metal crowns are made of titanium or gold.
  • Composite resin crowns are made of traditional white filling material.

How Do I Choose a Dental Crown?

Visit your dentist at Wyndam Dental Care. We will help you figure out your exact needs; whether you want to improve the look of your smile or completely cover damaged teeth, we can help you choose a dental cap solution. Book your appointment with us online now!

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