Children’s Dentistry in Ajax, Ontario

Children’s Dentistry in Ajax, Ontario

Undoubtedly, for the parents, nothing is dearer than the health of their child. Similarly, oral hygiene is also another aspect that directly affects an infant’s health. Our children’s dentist is qualified in providing professional dental services to the children. They recommend oral consideration as early as possible. It means the child must receive oral health care from infancy or at the age of 1. Therefore, if your baby is getting milk teeth then visit Wyndam Manor Dental Care. Our children’s dentist in Ajax, Ontario will guide you further pediatric dentistry.

Children’s Dentistry Services at Wyndam Manor Dental Care

The goal of Wyndam dental care is to treat oral health problems of your child. Dr. Talia, our pediatric dentist, handles the children in a comfortable environment. Moreover, she has enough knowledge and experience to give the most suitable treatment. Following are the pediatric procedures available at our clinic.

Dental Cleaning

It is the necessary treatment against gum disease and caries. During your kid’s first dental visit we will review his or her medical history with you. It is to ensure this procedure may not harm your child’s health. Accompanying this, our children’s dentist examines the mouth to see if dental cleaning is required or not. In case, there is a need for cleaning; we will remove all the cavities and plaque.

Stainless Steel Crowns

In children’s dentistry, a stainless steel crown is another service that we offer. When the back teeth are damaged, and the dental filling does not work, we suggest crowns. For maintaining your child’s oral hygiene, a stainless steel crown is a viable option. These covers prevent the damage until the loss of milk tooth.

Composite Fillings

The composite resin is the tooth-coloured filling for the restoration of the front and back teeth. Furthermore, our dentist values this over the gold filling because it matches with the original tooth colour. It also can cover the broken tooth.

Pulp Treatment

When the blood vessels become infectious, pulp therapy is the solution. Often, the need for this treatment arises to manage tooth injury. Your child might experience swelling, toothache or loss of the tooth if left untreated.

Interceptive Orthodontic Services

Most of the kids face malocclusion that is the crowded teeth. Dr. Talia can efficiently recognize this dental problem plus progress child’s bite.

Why Does Your Child Need To Visit The Pediatric Dentist?

It is true that practicing oral hygiene at home with your child is a good habit. But professional care tips have an equal contribution as well. Along with analyzing the kid’s oral condition, our pediatric dentist will also discuss his/her eating habits. In this way, you can get insight into the food that is healthy for the child.

Visit us today; our children’s dentist in Ajax, Ontario will help your child to rebuild the healthy smile. For more information related to the children’s dental care services mentioned above call us to book your appointment.

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