Gum Reduction

Gum Reduction

About Gum Reductions

Does your smile look imperfect due to your gums? Tired of your gummy smile? Gum reduction is an excellent option for patients who have a gummy smile or even uneven gums that would like to achieve a more appealing look. During the gum reduction procedure, extra gum tissue is gently removed to give the smile a more even and appealing look.

Are Gum Reductions Painful?

When undergoing a gum reduction procedure, local anesthetic is used to ensure the area is completely numbed, therefore you should experience no discomfort or pain. Following the gum grafting procedure however, discomfort, swelling and even pain may be present during the healing process. This is completely normal and following your post-op instructions should help to reduce your discomfort.

About Gum Reduction Recovery

Due to the fact that tissue is being removed, swelling and discomfort is completely normal. We recommend taking your prescribed medication and using cold compresses to reduce swelling and pain. Each patient recovers differently, however if you aren’t healed within two weeks please let us know.

Who Can Benefit From Gum Reduction?

Gum reduction surgery is usually a highly personal decision, we often meet with patients who have a “gummy smile” or uneven gums that are interested in improving the appearance of their entire smile. Gum reduction can alter the size, shape and evenness of your gums.

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