Checkups & Cleanings

Checkups & Cleanings

Checkup visits to your dentist, as well as teeth cleanings, are equally essential dental treatments. It is necessary for every teen and adult to get professional teeth cleaning by a dentist. Though, if you have any gum disease, are a smoker, or have braces, then the frequency of visits can increase. The other purpose of checkups and cleanings is to get an idea about your oral health and periodontal disease. The visits are important in case there are cavities building, or another issue that needs to be handled, so that the patient can take the essential precautionary measures and medications for their problem.

What is meant by Dental Checkup Process?

In the checkup process, you are supposed to ask as many questions as you can regarding your oral health and learn methods of maintaining it through different modes. In the dental checkup process, your dentist thoroughly examines your dental health history and makes an update for oral cancer screening and the testing of your soft tissues.

The dentist will examine your mouth and inform you of any decay or gum disease. He may also take a test of your bite and the temporomandibular joint, and recommend you get an X-ray if needed. The dental checkup process is required once a year, but it is preferable that teens aged 14 and older, as well as all adults, should go in for a checkup twice a year.

What Does the Teeth Cleaning Process Entail?

When you visit the dentist, you can expect that your dental hygienist will take off the plaque, stains, tarter, and calculus that can be the cause of cavities in your teeth. The process starts with the air polisher, which is used to remove all stains and to help your soft deposits to become softer. Then, a polish and floss are used to remove the remaining stains.

The polish is made with a fluoride solution, as it strengthens your teeth and creates resistance to antibacterial infection; also, it reduces the chances of periodontal disease. The dentist may also prescribe you a mouthwash and some instructions and precautions to maintain your oral health at home.

Is the Teeth Cleaning Process Painful?

Many people are afraid of dental cleaning and regular checkups, as it sounds and looks scary to many people of different ages. However, in our clinic, we assure that we will provide the maximum comfort and make your cleaning process a pleasant and comfortable experience.

The cleaning process is straightforward and does not require any sedation or medicated tools, so it will never cause any pain or discomfort. Though, in some cases, you can be given nitrous oxide gas to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable during the cleaning process. It is advisable to let your dentist know if you are worried or anxious about any aspect of your dental visit.

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