Broken Tooth Treatment in Ajax, Ontario

Broken Tooth Treatment in Ajax, Ontario

Have you experienced an dental accident or mouth injury? If so, then you may be experiencing a loose or fractured tooth that can be a real pain. This can make a person very uncomfortable, and it will feel annoying until the tooth is set in the correct place or removed altogether. Accidental problems related to the mouth, teeth, and gums are the main problems that are taken care of at dental emergency clinics.

Broken Tooth Emergency

In many dental emergencies, patients end up cracking and even breaking teeth. Once broken, teeth can allow debris and bacteria to enter, often resulting in severe infection and eventually even tooth loss. We recommend immediately contacting our emergency dentist in Ajax, Ontario to see which treatment option is best for restoring your broken tooth.

If you are experiencing these problems as of late, we recommend that you take care of yourself and consult a good dentist in Ajax, Ontario as soon as possible. Until then, take precautions and avoid eating food that can damage your teeth, such as candies, sugar, and some beverages. Please contact the office at Wyndam Manor Dental Care in Ajax to schedule an appointment.

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