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Wyndam Manor Dental Care offers a full suite of family dentistry services in Ajax. Our team is comprised of both adult and pediatric dentists who specialize in providing the utmost dental care for strong, healthy teeth and gums. We understand the importance of dental care for all members of your family; parent and kids alike.

    • Did you know that your child is ready to visit a pediatric dentist as soon as all of their baby teeth have arrived? As a general rule, once a child reaches the age of 3 they should have that first trip to the dentist. It is important that children learn healthy dental hygiene habits from a young age, which is why we make our visits fun so that kids can learn about oral health without being intimidated.
    • During teenage years, a variety of lifestyle changes as well as nutrition slips can have a big impact on oral health. For teenagers, it’s essential to make regular visits to the dentist in order to prevent issues in their adult lives.
    • As with the rest of your body, teeth and gums begin to show signs of aging. Visiting an adult dentist is important not only for the maintenance of health teeth and gums, but also for conversations about cosmetic treatments and procedures.
    • Seniors have special dental care needs as natural aging, some diseases, as well as medications adversely impact oral health. Dentures wearers also require regular visits to their dentist to ensure that gums remain healthy.

Regardless of your age, regular trips to the dentist can help keep your teeth and gums in top condition. At Wyndam Manor Dental Care, our pediatric and adult dentists can ensure that each member of your family maintains their oral health. If you’re looking for family dentistry in Ajax, call us today at (289) 769-9372!

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