Teeth Misalignment

Teeth Misalignment

Malocclusion is misalignment of the teeth or jaw. While misaligned teeth doesn’t necessarily sound like a big deal for your health, it can lead to serious issues over time.

Classes of Malocclusion

There are three classes of teeth misalignment:

  • Class one, where the upper teeth slightly overlap the bottom teeth and the bite remains normal.
  • Class two, which has a severe overbite.
  • Class three, with a severe underbite.

Causes of Teeth Misalignment

Teeth misalignment can be caused by:

  • Thumb sucking, prolonged bottle feeding, or use of pacifier after the age of 3
  • Injuries to the mouth
  • Tumors in the mouth
  • Impacted teeth or teeth that are irregularly shaped
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Cleft palate

Some of these are bad habits and can be changed while others such as tumors or cleft palate can be treated and are no fault of the patient.

Treatment options

Those with mild teeth misalignment usually will not need to have any treatment but may be referred to an orthodontist for an exam to be sure.

People who have severe teeth misalignment will need to be treated with one of the following options:

  • Braces
  • Extraction of a teeth to help tooth alignment
  • Reshaping, bonding, or capping of the teeth
  • Surgery to lengthen or shorten the jawbone

Which option is best for you will be determined by you and your orthodontist after he or she exams your teeth. Your orthodontist will recommend the treatment which he or she believes will provide you the greatest rate of success.

Signs of teeth misalignment

How profound the signs and symptoms of malocclusion are depends on the class of misalignment. The signs may be barely visible for the first class, while in more severe cases, the signs can be quite profound.

If you have any signs of teeth misalignment in Ajax, speak to your dentist.


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