Loose Teeth

Loose Teeth

Dangers of Loose Teeth

Do you avoid your favourite foods because of your loose teeth? Besides being painful when you chew on certain foods, they can fall out while you are chewing becoming a choking hazard.

Another danger is that loose teeth can make your normal oral hygiene more difficult, leading to a buildup of tartar and plaque. This can cause infections of the mouth, bad breath, and other health issues.

How To Treat Loose Teeth

There are several treatment options for loose teeth. Your dentist will help determine the right approach for you depending on the severity and cause of the loose tooth. Some options that might be considered are:

  • Splinting
  • Membranes or tissue-stimulating proteins to stimulate the gum and bone to start repairing itself
  • Root planing can help reshape and smooth teeth to help slow the progression and allow the tooth, gum, and bone heal
  • Antibiotics to relieve any infections
  • Bone grafts which go under the gum that will be pulled down and the bone replacement from your own bone, bovine bone, or synthetic bone material

Cost Depends on Different Factors

Cost of repairing loose teeth depends on many factors, such as:

  • The number of loose teeth
  • Which treatment option your dentist and you decide on
  • Insurance coverage
  • Whether you have surgery or a less invasive procedure

If you have loose teeth in Ajax, you need to consult your dentist.

Prevention Measures

Prevention is the best way to help reduce the risk of a loose tooth. Be sure to follow a good oral hygiene routine daily.


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