Is Your Broken Tooth An Emergency?

Is Your Broken Tooth An Emergency?

Breaking your tooth suddenly can be a nerve-wracking situation. A normal individual may face such issues of the broken tooth because of several reasons like eating very hard food, getting hit badly over the mouth or developing cavities which further weakens the tooth root that may result in falling of tooth.

Emergency broken tooth situations can be hard to tackle but before rushing immediately to a dental clinic, it is better to identify what important measures you must take right at your home in such situations. For every treatment, detecting dental emergency is essential.

If tooth is partially damaged

If you are feeling that your tooth has broken, it is better to check that if it is completely broken or partially damaged. In cases when tooth is partially damaged, it will not be judged as dental emergency. In such cases, one must schedule an appointment with dentist at L1T 0K3 to know what will be a suitable treatment for the issue.

If it is an emergency

If you notice serious tooth damage, split tooth or split root issue, it can be a sign of dental emergency. In case of excessive bleeding or swelling due to a broken tooth, you must not delay your visit to dental clinic. When such emergencies occur you must wash the area with salt water and must try to apply some pressure to stop bleeding. You may also try an ice pack until the time you rush to your dentist.

If tooth is completely fallen out

If your tooth is completely broken you must immediately wash it with running water. It is a good practice to store the tooth in milk or salt water so that the tooth does not dry up. You may consult an expert dentist in Ajax to know whether the tooth can be put back to the socket.

Consult an expert

It is always better to immediately rush to dental clinic in broken tooth emergency situations. In case of an emergency dental situation, you must immediately search dentist near me who can suggest relevant treatment for such situations.

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