How Do You Fix A Broken Tooth?

How Do You Fix A Broken Tooth?

Broken tooth can be an issue for many. In such cases, a patient must consult a dentist at L1T 0K3 without any delay. All such issues are dental emergencies that require appropriate treatment and thus patient must not try to repair their broken tooth at their home. Instead, it is always better to visit a clinic.

What causes a Broken Tooth?

Broken tooth is an emergency dentistry issue that may occur anywhere and anytime. A patient may suffer this issue while playing sports or at time of accidents. Sometimes such issues also occur when a patient bites something very hard. Breaking of a tooth is also common in case of severe decay.

Irrespective of causes, this is situation which needs an immediate solution at the dental clinic.

Make a dental appointment as soon as possible

In cases when tooth is broken, you must plan a dentist appointment immediately. An expert dentist in Ajax can suggest right tooth repair solution at right time to avoid any serious damage to oral health. If you are unable to get to a dentist immediately, follow these steps:

  • Rinse mouth with warm water.
  • Use ice to control swelling.
  • Put pressure on the area to stop bleeding.
  • If you face severe pain, take medication.

Broken Tooth Repair By A Professional

There can be different repair treatment for broken tooth and only a professional can suggest right treatment after analysis of the condition. When the condition of tooth is not so severe often treatments like dental implants, crowns, bridges or veneers can be suggested.

If the condition is severe and such solutions cannot be a repair plan further better treatment can be suggested. In severe cases, the effect is deep enough to extend to the nerves. This may cause extreme pain. Root canal is the best treatment suggested in such cases which is followed with a crown to provide tooth a proper functionality.

In case you wish to know best treatment for you in such cases, you may search dentist near me.

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