General Dentistry in Ajax

General Dentistry in Ajax

General Dentistry Ajax covers a range of dental issues; so what can you expect from general dentistry in.

When you see a dentist Ajax Ontario you can expect that he or she will be able to help you with a consultation, diagnostics such as x-rays, scans including CAT-scans and molds of your mouth in order to determine what is wrong and the best solution to fix it,

General dentistry treatments

Treatments in general dentistry include the following;

  • Fillings to stop and prevent further decay of a tooth
  • Crowns are fitted over chipped or broken teeth to prevent decay and strengthen the tooth structure
  • Bridges (partials) are one or more teeth replacements that are anchored to the tooth on either side of the empty space
  • Root canal generally used to save your natural tooth by removing the pulp and nerve, filling it, and then placing a cap or crown over it
  • Dentures replace all the teeth of either upper or lower or both
  • Bonding used to fix gaps or chips and to adhere veneers to your teeth
  • Cleaning which removes plaque and food particles from your teeth to prevent decay
  • Dental implants can be used to replace one or more teeth, even all your teeth however this can be expensive
  • Treatment for TMJ

These treatments are the most common treatments in general dentistry.

All of these treatments are generally covered by dental insurance up to a certain amount such as 60 to 80% of the procedure.

Any Ajax dentist can perform these general dentistry procedures.

Wyndam Manor Dental care can help you with any of these procedures plus cosmetic dentistry, special treatments, preventative dentistry, and special products. Come by for consultation to see how we can help you.

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