How Often Should You Have a Dental Checkup

How Often Should You Have a Dental Checkup


How often should you have a dental checkup is easy to answer, it is twice a year.

Every six months you need a dental checkup Ajax in order to scan for cavities, overcrowding of teeth, or other oral issues such as infections and lesions.

What does a dental checkup consist of

Your dentist Ajax On will examine your teeth and mouth to make sure that your teeth are in the correct position, are not crowded, look for signs of infection, gingivitis, or lesions that could cause cancer. In some instances, he or she may want to take dental x-rays in order to see if there are any changes that require extra work or an orthodontist.

After the Ajax dentist does that then the oral hygienist will proceed to clean and polish your teeth. This is done using a certain set of tools to scrape away plaque and or food particles from the surface of your teeth near the gum line and in between your teeth. Once that is done then an abrasive paste with an electronic brush is used to polish your teeth making them look cleaner and whiter. By the time it is time for your next checkup and cleaning you will notice that your teeth are no longer looking as clean and white but our teeth become duller in color as we age just as our skin wrinkles with age.

Also, as our teeth age, the enamel can become thinner exposing more of the pulp or dentin which will cause sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks. They can also become damaged more easily.

Wyndam Manor Dental Care will closely examine your teeth and mouth every 6 months and the dentist will recommend things like a rinse with fluoride or tartar control to help you take care of your teeth as they age.

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