The dental caps are a form of dental reinstatement applied to the affected part of the teeth which is above and at the gum line. The dental cap gives a new external surface to the teeth. The dental caps are permanent and work as a regular teeth.

Why Are Dental Caps Placed?

Dentist at Wyndam Manor Dental Care uses dental caps to:
• Fix and make the damaged teeth strong.
• Improve teeth color, alignment, and shape.

These dental caps are used to rebuild teeth and also to progress teeth shape. Dental caps are used if the teeth are broken, chipped or worn out. Many other treatments can be done instead of dental caps, but they do not have same benefits.

Different Names for Dental Caps

Dental caps are called by various names such as dental crowns, porcelain jackets, and tooth caps.


There are different materials used in making of dental caps. Some of the commonly used material are described below:

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel caps are applied on original teeth till the permanent caps are made. They protect the teeth or filling from getting worse. Stainless steel caps are mostly used for children till their permanent teeth come.


Metal caps use alloys that include content of platinum, gold and metal alloy such as nickel chromium and cobalt chromium. Metal caps are durable and robust. Metal caps do not break or chip easily. Due to metallic color, they are the excellent choice for molars.

Metal Plus Porcelain

Such caps can match to your teeth color, unlike metal caps. They look like natural teeth. Such caps are best for front and back teeth. Dentist at Wyndam manor dental care also recommends such caps for bridges where high strength is needed. However, the porcelain part can get crack very easily.


Such caps are cheap as compared to other caps. The duration and life are small for such caps, and they can get fracture quickly as compared to metal plus porcelain crowns.


All porcelain caps are best for back and front teeth as it can match to the natural color of teeth. It is best for people who have metal allergies.

Types of Dental Caps

There are two types of dental caps such as temporary dental cap and permanent dental cap.The temporary cap is made at dentist office rather than permanent one which is made in the laboratory. The material used in making temporary cap is stainless. The temporary cap is removed once the permanent one is ready.

Benefits Of Dental Cap

The benefits of the dental cap are as follow as compared to other treatments offered at Wyndam Manor Dental Care:

• The dental cap can stay for the an extended period as compared to filling and other solutions.

• Dental caps are made in labs by the dental technician using your teeth impressions.

• Dental caps look and work like real teeth.

• The dentist has full control over the dental cap and its application.

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