Do I Need a Tooth Removed for My Crooked Teeth?

Do I Need a Tooth Removed for My Crooked Teeth?

If you have crooked teeth, does that mean you need one or more teeth extracted? Not necessarily, there are other treatments that may help you straighten your smile while preserving all your teeth.

Are crooked teeth really a problem?

Besides crooked teeth affecting your self-confidence, they can also cause oral and other physical health problems, for example:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Loss of teeth

These oral problems can. in turn, cause serious problems for the rest of your body, for example:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Pneumonia
  • Diabetes
  • Possible premature birth

How can crooked teeth lead to these major problems? When your teeth are crooked they are harder to clean, leaving pockets of tartar, plaque, and bacteria which can cause oral infections. Those oral infections if left untreated can create other health risks to your body.

Extraction of crowded teeth

Having crowded teeth does not necessarily mean you need to have one or more teeth extracted. Tooth extraction is only necessary in the most extreme cases.

What treatments are available?

There are several treatments available for crooked teeth in Ajax. Speak to your dentist or orthodontist to find out which option will best suit your needs. Besides extraction, treatments for crooked teeth include:

  • Aligners,used for slightly to moderately crooked teeth
  • Braces, used for people with extremely crooked teeth
  • Recontouring of teeth best suited for people with only slightly crooked teeth
  • Veneers for those with only minor crooked teeth

What to expect when you visit the orthodontist

When you visit the orthodontist for crooked teeth, you should expect an exam and x-ray. Once those are done then the orthodontist will provide you with a treatment plan option that they feel will be the most successful for you.


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