How To Choose The Right Toothbrush For Your Child

How To Choose The Right Toothbrush For Your Child

How to choose the right toothbrush for my child

Choosing a toothbrush for your child can be a fun and bonding experience. Take your child to your local pharmacy or store and browse the children’s toothbrush aisle. It is best to allow them to explore and allow them to choose a toothbrush they like. There are many toothbrushes with themes from their favourite shows. Some toothbrushes even play a song while your child brushes! The length of the song is approximately how long your child should be brushing their teeth. If the toothbrush depicts something they enjoy, they are more likely to use it.

Electric vs. a manual toothbrush

It is very rare for a child to be able to brush their teeth properly before the age of 8. Toothbrushing is a skill that learned through experience. The more they brush their teeth, the more experience they gain, and the better they get at brushing.

In the absence of a parent or caregiver to make sure the child’s teeth has been appropriately brushed, it is recommended that an electric toothbrush be used. The electric toothbrush simplifies the toothbrushing process to one step – putting the toothbrush in the right spot and letting the toothbrush do all the work. When the toothbrush is positioned correctly, the teeth are cleaned properly.

What’s the difference between child and adult toothbrushes?

A child’s toothbrush is different in a few ways. The toothbrush itself is shorter, wider, and the brush head is smaller. Also, they come in different colours and child-friendly themes. The toothbrush is smaller to assist in controlling the toothbrush. A child’s motor functions do not allow them to handle the toothbrush as well as an adult. Having a shorter and broader toothbrush helps offset their lack of ability. The brush head is smaller because their teeth and mouth are smaller. This allows for the toothbrush to fit in those hard to reach areas and tight spaces.

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