Cavity Removal Tips

Cavity Removal Tips

When tooth decay goes untreated cavities form. Although cavities tend to develop most often in children, adults are not immune. There are many reasons for tooth decay, including heredity, plaque build-up, foods and drinks, oral hygiene practices, and certain medical conditions or treatments such as diabetes and chemotherapy.

How Tooth Decay and Cavities Develop

Dental plaque plays a major role in tooth decay. This bacteria-filled film forms a sticky layer over enamel. The sugars and starches in foods fuel the bacteria in plaque. Soda, candy, ice cream, sugary cereals, cookies, and even French fries can all wreak havoc on tooth enamel. The acids produced when oral bacteria mixes with sugar attack your teeth. The destructive layer erodes the protective enamel and eventually, the underlying dentin.

Dental Filling Process

To repair a cavity, your dentist must remove the decay and pack the affected area with filling material. To fill a cavity, first, the gums around the treated tooth will be numbed. You will not experience any pain during the procedure. The next step is to remove the cavity with a dental drill. Once all of the decay is gone, space will be filled. There are several types of filling material available including traditional amalgam and tooth-colored composite. The final step in the process is to bite down on carbon paper. This allows your dentist to determine if the filling is too high. If the material hasn’t been properly placed, the filling will be filed down with a high-powered handpiece.

Dental Anxiety

Even though the process of repairing a cavity is a fast and pain-free fix, we recognize that many patients suffer from dental anxiety. If you have a debilitating fear that keeps you from seeking the treatment you need, talk to your Ajax, ON dentist about sedation options. There are ways to help you feel calm before receiving dental treatments.

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