The damage causes to the decayed tooth are known as cavities. Tooth decay is dangerous as it severely affects the inside layer of teeth as well as the outer layer of teeth. The outer layer is known as enamel, and the inner layer is called as dentin.

Cause of Tooth Decay

The carbohydrate present in the food such as milk, cereal, bread, cake, fruit and candy sticks on the teeth. They are turned into acids by the bacteria present in the mouth. The bacteria, food debris, saliva, and acid together make plaque which stays on the teeth. The acids present in the plaque affects enamel by forming holes known as cavities.

Who Gets Affected?

Some people believe that only kids have cavities, but it can happen to adults even with the changes in the mouth concerning age. As you grow, gums get apart from teeth. This pull can also occur as of gum problem. In this way, tooth roots are subject to the plaque. Moreover, if you eat sugar items and carbonated food, you will be the victim of cavities.

Most adults get decay near the fillings. They are more prone to dental issues as they didn’t have access to oral care and fluoride as a kid. As the time passes, fillers get weak and result in broken teeth. Bacteria present in the gaps form the basis for decay.

How do you the presence of cavity?

The dentist at Wyndam Manor Dental Care can find out the cavities during the usual checkup. The dentist will investigate teeth by looking at soft spots or ensure among teeth with the help of the x-ray. When you have cavities in the mouth, you will feel a toothache after eating or drinking cold, hot or sweet things. You can also notice holes and pits in your teeth.

How to Treat Cavities?

The treatment of cavities depends on the level of badness they have. Mostly if decay is too bad, a dentist at will remove the teeth part with a drill. The portion will be filled with silver, gold, alloy, porcelain, and resin. All these fillings materials are safe to use. There are no allergy concerns related to the fillings.

How to Prevent Cavities?

There are some ways one can avoid cavities and their harmful effects such as:

• Do flossing and brushing daily as it will reduce dental plaque amount and bacteria present in the mouth.

• Useless starch and sugar items so that acid amount is reduced which damage the teeth a lot.

• Always use fluoride toothpaste that gives strength to the teeth. You can also go for fluoride treatment   offered at Wyndam Manor Dental Care fluoride supplements are also beneficial to take as it stops cavities.

• You can also reduce the bacteria in the mouth by using the antibacterial mouthwash.

• You can also chew gum that includes xylitol to stop the growth of bacteria.

Cavities need to be treated immediately if not then causes swear tooth decay. The unrestrained tooth decay can destroy the tooth. It can also lead to an infection that can spread in teeth roots.

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