Tips for Dealing with a Broken Tooth

Tips for Dealing with a Broken Tooth


If you have kids who play sports or you play sports chances are if you haven’t had a broken tooth yet there is a strong possibility that you will need to deal with a broken tooth in the future.

Here are some tips when it comes to dealing with a broken tooth Ajax.

Whether your tooth is broken from a sports injury or other traumas follow these tips;

  • Call your dentist Ajax Ontario for an emergency dental appointment
  • Rinse your mouth with lukewarm salt water
  • If the tooth is bleeding you a cold damp piece of gauze and apply gentle pressure
  • If there are jagged edges and you cannot get an emergency dental appointment place some paraffin wax over the edges so they do not cut your lips, tongue, or cheeks
  • If the pain is really bad take an over the counter pain medication such as Tylenol do not use ibuprofen as that will make your blood thin and take longer for the bleeding to stop; if over the counter pain medications do not stop the pain chances are you have some root showing or root damage and should NOT wait to see the dentist

Now if it is bleeding or the pain level is not so high that you can’t deal with it you can save yourself a few extra dollars by waiting to see the dentist until normal hours.

Not every injury is an emergency but also do not wait too long as the damaged tooth could very well end being permanent.

Most of the time you should let your Ajax dentist determine if you should come in during emergency hours or not by speaking to them immediately after the injury and explaining what has happened and the symptoms you are experiencing.

If you have experienced an injury Call Wyndam Manor Dental Care immediately.

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