Bone Grafts in Dentistry

Bone Grafts in Dentistry

The thought of bone grafting may scare you but it’s frequently used when preparing the jaw for dental implants, says dentist in L1T 0K3. Bone grafting should not concern you as it will only make sure that your dental implants are successful.

When Would You Need a Bone Graft?

According to dentist in Ajax, bone graft is a step in the preparation of dental implants. It helps in restoring the bone in areas where it’s inadequate and makes sure that there’s enough bone to hold the implants in position. You may not have a bone because of tooth extraction or tooth loss that happened long ago. It can also be used if the bone is naturally thinner.

What are the Types of Bone Grafts?

According to Dentistry in Ajax, there are different types of grafts and the first one is autogenous bone graft where the bone is taken from another site in the body which means there are low chances of rejection. The second type is allograft which is a human donor bone where the bone is tested and sterilized. Another type of bone graft is artificially made material containing proteins and collagen for encouraging new bone growth.

Will the Bone Graft Extend the Treatment Time?

If a small amount of bone grafting is required, it can be placed at the same time as dental implant. The grafting material may also be inserted in the empty socket after tooth extraction. In some cases, the grafting material has to be left for 3 to 6 months for healing and integrating with natural jawbone. This may take a little longer for the treatment but is an investment that will benefit in long run.

Finding out if you Need a Bone Graft

You need to first schedule an appointment with the dentist so that he can examine your jawbone with the help of a CT scan to decide if you need a graft.

No Need to Worry if You are Nervous

There’s nothing to worry about the procedure as dentist office in Ajax makes use of sedation techniques so that you can undergo the procedure quite comfortably.

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