How to Recover From a Bone Graft

How to Recover From a Bone Graft

A bone graft is sometimes necessary before you receive a dental implant. To speed up the recovery process, reduce pain, and prevent complications, follow these tips after getting a bone graft Ajax.

1. Allow your mouth to heal

A bone graft leaves a wound in your mouth. You will need to allow this to heal by keeping a gauze pad in place for half an hour. Allow a clot to form by avoiding contact with the surgical area.

2. Recover from the surgery

Limit your activity on the day of surgery and possibly for subsequent days, if you find you have a lack of energy. You will need to stand up slowly from sitting and lying positions to prevent dizziness.

3. Reduce swelling

Hold an ice pack to the side of your face that received the surgery as well as anywhere else where swelling appears. Some swelling may not appear until two or three days after surgery. Leave ice packs on during your waking hours. Ice can continue to reduce swelling for up to 48 hours.

4. Minimize discomfort

Take prescription pain medication as your dentist prescribes or an over-the-counter analgesic other than aspirin. This will reduce discomfort from the wound as well as any soreness in your throat when swallowing and stiffness in your jaw. If your lips become dry or cracked, you can apply vaseline.

5. Know when to contact your dentist

You may feel a numbness in your mouth or notice a slight rise in your temperature. Neither is usually a cause for concern unless symptoms persist. You may also notice bony projections in your mouth. Again, these are not a problem, as they tend to disappear on their own. If they do not go away on their own, you can return to the dental clinic to have them removed.

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