Affordable smile enhancements are available from Ajax, ON cosmetic dentist

Affordable smile enhancements are available from Ajax, ON cosmetic dentist

Patients residing in Ajax, ON looking for an affordable cosmetic dentist in L1T 0K3 for proving enhancements to their smiles should contact Wyndam Manor Dental Care to know more about our cosmetic dental treatments.

Wyndam Manor Dental Care has been proving affordable smile enhancements by offering many aesthetic smile enhancements which include, but not limited to:

Teeth Whitening

If you are tired using over-the-counter dental whitening products which do not deliver optimal results, Wyndam Manor Dental Care invites patients to learn more about our professional teeth whitening treatments. Patients can experience improvement in the shade of their teeth within a single sitting.

Contact your dentist in Ajax dentist near you to know more about professional teeth whitening services and experiencing a beautiful and white smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Most dentists have been using silver amalgam dental fillings to fill dental cavities and address areas affected by dental decay. Research has indicated that this material can cause mercury poisoning and be harmful in the long run.

Wyndam Manor Dental Care uses tooth-colored fillings made from a composite resin material which is safer, provides a much more aesthetic appearance and gets blended within your natural tooth.

Contact your children’s dentistry near you in Ajax to treat your child’s dental cavities with tooth-colored fillings, which will not dampen their cute little smiles.

Porcelain veneers / Lumineers

Many patients who struggle with an imperfect smile due to gaps in their frontal teeth can benefit from Porcelain veneers / Lumineers. These are custom-made and are bonded to the frontal teeth of the patient to give them a perfect smile without any imperfection.

A reputed dentist in Ajax dentist near you can complete the entire dental process within one to two weeks.

Learn more about regaining your beautiful smile without breaking the bank

Feel free to contact our team of professional dentist in L1T 0K3 to know more about our cosmetic treatments. We offer Invisalign, dental plants, gum reshaping, dental bridges, gum grafting, and gum reduction treatments at economical and affordable prices. Contact us on 905-424-7344 to book an appoint or visit us at 81 Middlecote Dr #10, Ajax, ON L1T 0K3 for a consultation.

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