5 Foods that can Whiten your Teeth

5 Foods that can Whiten your Teeth

According to one survey, 18% of people intentionally conceal their teeth in photos due to embarrassment over the yellow appearance of their teeth.

As having great teeth is really important in our society today, a growing number of people are using whitening strips or turning to oral dentistry ajax whitening treatments to whiten their teeth.

However, if you’re one of those people who’d prefer to skip whitening treatments and take care of things naturally, you’re in luck. Here are five natural remedies for whiter teeth as advised by a qualified ajax dentist.


Munching on apples actually helps scrub your teeth. Apples are also rich in Malic acid, a key ingredient in toothpastes. According to a 2013 study conducted in the University of Grenada in Spain, Malic acid increases the production of saliva, which helps remove stains and also cleans up your teeth.


What makes pineapples great for teeth is that it naturally contains bromelain, a compound with cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. According to a recent study published on the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, bromelain is one of the active ingredients in stain-removing toothpastes.


Eating fiber-rich broccoli reduces inflammation in the mouth (along with the rest of your body). According to a study published in European Journal of Dentistry, aside from cleaning and polishing your teeth, eating raw iron-rich broccoli provides protection for your teeth against enamel-damaging acid that’s produced by bacteria.


Chewing raisins promotes the production of saliva, which helps prevent stains, plaque and cavities from flourishing by neutralizing the acidic environment caused by other foods and bacteria inside your mouth.


Eating cheese helps keep your teeth strong as it’s packed with minerals like calcium, protein and phosphorus which protect tooth enamel. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry also says that the lactic acid found in cheese also prevents tooth decay.

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