4 Things You Need to Know Before Considering a Gum Graft

4 Things You Need to Know Before Considering a Gum Graft

The gums protect the roots of the teeth. However, in some patients, a part of the gums gradually wears away and exposes the root of the tooth. This is known as receding gums, says the dentist in L1T 0K3. The only way of correcting it, is a procedure known as Gum Graft.

It is a surgery performed by the dentist in Ajax by administering Local anesthesia. A tissue is removed from the patient’s palate and then grafted into the site of the recession. Sometimes, a technique is used for the surgery involving the donor tissue. It has been observed that in some patients, recession is caused by improper brushing. Sometimes, getting the brushing technique of the patient evaluated by a dentist near me can help in stopping the problem from worsening.

Benefits of a Gingival Graft

  • Strengthens and stabilizes the gum covering the tooth.
  • Protects tooth from gum recession.
  • Reduces sensitivity in teeth by covering the root with new gum.
  • Depending on the case, it can also restore a beautiful smile.

Success Rate

The rate of success and satisfaction is very high. When patients brush properly, the success rate increases considerably, says the Children’s Dentistry Near You in Ajax. People with receding gums have teeth that appear longer than normal, but after the gum graft, the natural appearance of the teeth can be restored.

The Process

  • First of all, the dentist administers local anesthesia at the site from where the tissue is removed and grafted onto the gum. Anesthesia is also administered at the graft site.
  • Next, the graft is harvested.
  • The extracted tissue is grafted onto the site where the gum is receding.

Duration of The Treatment

The procedure takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes for completion. You may need two appointments. The first for performing the surgery and the second for removing the sutures and evaluating the healing progress. In case of any discomfort or bleeding after the procedure, you can contact the Emergency Dentist Near You in Ajax so that they can offer immediate medical help.

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