Inlays and Onlays

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental issues seen among dental patients. There are various treatment options for tooth decay, including a cavity filling. However, when tooth decay is large enough to compromise the support and integrity of a tooth, other options such as inlays and onlays are used to repair the tooth instead of a filling. Dr. Yao and the staff Wyndam Manor Dental Care are trained in providing inlay and onlay treatments.


About Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are a more conservative approach than dental crowns to repairing teeth damaged by tooth decay or other structural damage. Inlays are similar to fillings and are bonded in the center of the tooth. When restoration is required over one or more of the points of the teeth or over the entire chewing surface, the treatment is referred to as an onlay. Inlays and onlays are made of composite resin, porcelain, or gold materials.


Inlays and Onlays Procedure

This treatment is typically a two-visit treatment. The first visit will consist of removing the damaged or decay area of the tooth and then preparing the tooth for the inlay or onlay. An impression is also made before a temporary restoration is performed to take care of the tooth until the next appointment. At the second appointment, the temp is removed and your inlay or onlay is placed and then bonded to the tooth before the procedure is completed by polishing the inlay or onlay to a smooth finish.


Inlays and onlays are an effective, more affordable approach to restoring teeth damaged by tooth decay. The professional team at Wyndam Manor Dental Care uses the latest dental technology to perform all procedures. To learn more about inlays and onlays and other treatment options, please contact the office staff to schedule your appointment.

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